Welcome to SBH Holdings LLC

Did you receive a letter from us?  If so, congratulations!

You are most likely on your way to recovering money that belongs to you that you didn’t know you had!

Using the Freedom of Information Act,  SBH Holding LLC conducts computer searches of various government databases looking for people who are owed money by government agencies. When we find individuals who are owed money, we contact them to obtain permission to work on their behalf to recover these monies. It costs you nothing out of pocket for our services. We work for our clients on a contingency fee basis. If we are successful in recovering your money, we charge a small percentage of the total refund recovered.

Some examples of funds that become unclaimed are:

  • Savings account
  • Checking accounts
  • Uncashed checks
  • Telephone/utility deposits
  • Rental security deposits
  • Wages
  • Insurance benefits/policies
  • Safe deposit box contents
  • Mortgage insurance refunds
  • Stocks and Dividends
  • Mutal Funds
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • Trust Funds
  • Estate Proceeds

Accounts can become unclaimed for many reasons including:

  • Leaving a job and never claiming a final paycheck
  • Failing to notify a company that owes you money that you have moved
  • Opening a savings account for a child and forgetting about it
  • Moving without getting back your utility deposit
  • Forgetting to cash a health insurance check
  • Neglecting to cash interest or dividend checks on a security

Regardless of what the funds are or why they are being held, if you have received a letter from us, we have already determined that you are most likely the rightful owner.