Why didn’t the unclaimed property office contact me directly?
In the United States, there are millions of people owed billions of dollars.  The unclaimed property offices holding this money has limited staff.  They can only do so much.  They also get paid the same amount no matter how many people they can find.  There is no extra incentive to find you.  As thousands of new accounts are added every week, chances are that the unclaimed property office will never contact you. On the other hand, we only get paid if we get your money back.  We have more incentive to find people and contact them than the unclaimed property office does.

How successful is SBH Holdings LLC at recovering money for claimants?
Before contacting you we have already done extensive research locating and confirming the identity what we believe to be the rightful owner of the underlying property. We would not be contacting you if we did not feel that there was an excellent chance that you are entitled to these funds.

What if the Original Owner of the Property is Deceased?
Proof of ownership (detailed above) must still be established with documentation (as detailed on your claim form). In addition, you must provide a certified death certificate for the owner, along with identification and signed claim forms for all heirs of the owner (or for the personal representative if the estate remains open). Additional documentation may be required depending on the specific case..

What type of ID is acceptable?
Most unclaimed property offices require a driver’s license or another form of government issued photo ID.  If your current address is not the same as the one that they have listed, they will want proof that you lived at the former address.   If the account has more than one owner and one of the owners is deceased, a certified death certificate for the deceased owner is required in addition to the Identification for the person claiming the account

How long does it take to get my money? 
This varies depending on the department that is holding your money.   Some claims can be paid in as little as two weeks, others average 90 days or more.  It all depends on the type of claim and what , if any, additional documentation the department requires.  That is why it is very important to make sure you supply everything that is requested by the department holding the money. Missing documentation delays the processing time.  This can get you moved back to the “bottom of the pile”.  URS helps with this by making sure you have everything you need to get the initial claim moving forward quickly.  Any additional documentation requested would be part of the process and keep the claim moving forward.

How sure are you that the money belongs to me?
If you have received a letter from us, that means we are confident that this money belongs to you.  While in some cases we cannot be 100% sure that you are the rightful owner, we are still confident enough to put the time in and do the work.  You have nothing to lose to find out!

What are your fees?
SBH Holdings works on a contingency fee basis.  We only get paid a percentage of the amount you get back only after you receive your money.  There are absolutely no upfront fees.  As we like to say no results…no fee!  It’s a win/win situation!

Why should I use SBH Holdings to recover my funds?
We are experts in recovering unclaimed money .  We are familiar with all of the paperwork and documentation required to collect your funds.  We have also developed relationships with unclaimed money departments that can be beneficial when there are questions or unexpected developments arise.  Most importantly, we are looking out for your best interests.  If you have received a letter from us, we have already put forth considerable effort in determining if the money belongs to you as well as contacting you.  For a small percentage, we can finish the job we started and get your money to you sooner than later.